Can't start a new save after fresh install - Beta 6.0-1

Hi there. Just wanted to alert you that making a new save freezes in Beta 6.0-1.

It is a fresh install since this past weekend I reinstalled Windows fresh after installing a new NvME SSD. So everything was a fresh installation including re-downloading ACEO from Steam and having it install.

I was able to put in all the information it asks for a new save: the CEO’s persona, airport location and difficulty settings. But when it went to the loading screen to start off the game, it froze at “Loading Businesses and Mods.” I have no mods or any other extras installed. I gave it about 2 or 3 minutes before force-quitting. When I looked at task manager, it showed ACEO actively consuming some CPU so it looks to be looping thru something as opposed to an idle freeze.

(Edit: I did get the new Windows installation all caught up on updates before playing the game.)


Does this also happen when playing Beta 5 (leave Experimental)?

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I’ll try that this evening when I get off work (US east coast time) and let you know.

Sounds weird, we’re currently game testing a lot and have no issues starting any airport. Also not seeing any other reports on this so sounds tied specifically to your machine and the refresh. no-funs suggestion is good, let’s see what happens with that! :slight_smile:

Not sure what was wrong in 6.0-1, but in 6.0-2 it’s working!

One thing that came to mind that might have been unique to my environment is I relocated the appdata folder away from C: (to keep usage on my nvme drive to a minimum) and had Windows redirect it to the data drive where I keep my documents, music etc. Also had Windows redirect those folders. Perhaps there was some code that was assuming the appdata was in c:\users\username\appdata\roaming instead of checking w/ Windows for the %appdata% variable?

In any case, whatever it was got fixed in 6.0-2, but wanted to put that out there so any code that looks in the appdata folder can be aware in some environments it won’t always be in its default spot in the C:\users folder.

I appear to be having this issue with 6.0-2. I haven’t played the game in a few weeks, and I actually purchased a new laptop about 2 weeks ago. I had loaded the 5.x builds on the new laptop but hadn’t played. I updated to 6.0-2 today, and when I attempted to play a Career game with large map and easiest difficulty, the game gets to the loading screen and hangs at Preparing Businesses and Mods. I have no mods loaded. I have let the game sit here for over 10 minutes, and it never gets past this point.

My old laptop was about 8 years old and only had an Intel based graphics chip. The new laptop is running an NVIDA RTX 2060, so it should be able to load the game much, much faster than the old laptop (I’ve seen massive improvements on every game on the new laptop). I know on my old, slow laptop, if Airport CEO hung on a loading screen (due to low end graphics on that laptop), the Windows 10 loading circle would come up, and I would get a message about the process appearing hung, close or wait. I’d hit wait, and eventually the game would load and come back (this happened ocassionally but not always). In this instance, I’m not seeing that. It’s just stuck on that loading screen and multiple clicks don’t bring up the Close or wait screen.

EDIT: I can also confirm that if I go back to 5.1-4, it works fine and there are no issues loading.

Beta 6.0-3 is out now, still having issues?

Yes. Seems to be working now on 6.0-3 Thanks!

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