Cant get the airplanes refeuled

No matter what I have done. Have all the trucks and the fuel. The refuel turned on in operations. The trucks come out of the vehicle bay half way like they are stuck inside the vehicle bay and won’t go refuel any of the planes. Do have too many trucks maybe?

Starting a game from scratch to see if this fixes the problems Any help would be great.

Do you have the correct fuel type for the trucks?

are you sure you used correct road type? Especially do you use service road between fuel depot, vehicle depot and stands?


I use service roads only inside the vehicle check, where everything comes in.

A picture/screenshot may help out a bit more

See the stuck truck. The planes are asking for fuel and nothing happens.

Your stands are not connected to the service road, they need to be connected where the road is actually drawn in, in this case the side towards the Terminal.

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thxxxxx so much

you havnent connected the service road to the stands correctly. can u see the crossings in front of the small stands. that is a service road that comes with the stand u need to connect it. Above u have 2 medium stands, between the planes and the terminal they come with a small bit of service road. u must connect that to a service road. you only need to be 2 wide, but that does not matter as u seem to like it much wider, bear in mind tho it all costs weekly amounts.

In my example here, i have upgraded my service road and stands to asphalt. GOOD LUCK

I’m having the same problem but my stands are connected. I used the service roads from the checkpoint up and then over but the road at the fuel and truck area look different. Here is a puush screen shot. The previous person in this thread looks to have had something different going on?. I’m really new and please forgive the question if it is pretty obvious to you.

The issue you are having is that your road is the wrong type. You need to replace it with the Service Road. It will have a white paint outline and not sidewalk outline. Hope that helps!

thank you… will try it

That was the problem… thank you again and I apologize for coming to you with such a silly problem