Can't find logo decorations

I really like the fact that you can now use airline logos as floor decorations (great for lounges especially), however some of the default airlines’ logos seem to be missing/ I can’t find them. Any help appreciated. Thanks!


For some reason you can only have around 10 logos active at one time (as in, you can only see about 10 at 1 time)

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Any way to change which 10?

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I’ve checked that. No currently not.
Only when cancelling the unneeded contracts and re subscribe them later when you only see the logos you want.

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It’s only the signed airlines you can build the logos for. Have you signed all of them?

Weird, not supposed to happen. Do you mean in the world or in the items panel? I can load all logos for the airlines I’ve signed (14/14):

(don’t mind the “X” just in-editor placeholder).


try having more airlines, like 16 or 17, then only the first 15 or so will load

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Yes I’ve signed them all. As @VOID suggested it might be because I have more than 15 contracts signed

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Yes, something is going on here for me as well after 19 airlines - looking at it!


I’m looking forward to see all logos of my 50 signed contracts. :heart_eyes: :laughing:


yup, this was one of the questions I asked in the AMA the other day that I don’t think go to but I mentioned the 19 limit.

"not sure if this was missed or if anyone is still getting to this one. please and thank you

This is a 3 part question.

…1) Now that airport logos and airline logos are placeable on foundation and some other items like stands, will you also make other business logos like food/shop franchise or other logos placeable as well, and 2) is it possible to make the logo selection menu show all contracts that are currently active. It looks like there is a limit of about 19 contract logos at this time. 3) And would it be possible to add a mod option for signs (taxiways/stand/terminal signs etc…) to be placed and the mod community can make mod packs of signs to be use as “logos” and uploaded to steam for others to subscribe to?"


Should be simple enough to add, and it would be neat to use those logos as well for decoration! Probably won’t be done until after A36, though!

This should definitely be possible, and as you saw above, I’m currently looking at it - it’s a bug.

Cool concept, will keep it in mind while we eventually look at the shops/food logos.


That would actually outsource one of the userwhishes to add also placeable signs on taxiways etc.
Just give the modding community the plattform and they will provide anything players want.


Should be fixed with next deployment!

Definitely :smiley: Just need to make the time to develop the platform so it works as expected. Probably will be similar to existing logo-mods but need to come back to this as A36 is finilized.


Awesome! glad to hear on all of those and glad you like the decoration/signs etc idea to allow the mod community to create mod packs for those!!! :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply Alex!! :heart:


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