Can't click on anything in the main menu after startup

Hey guys!

I just bought and installed Airport CEO. I just can’t click on anything in the main menu. The game simply doesn’t respond to my mouse. I hope some of youy can help.


Hi and welcome.

That sounds a little strange. Can you please share some more details, what computer type etc. a screen shot maybe?


It’s just a simple, quite older desktop pc, running on windows 7 64 bit. Not really much that I can do… In the main menu just after launching it on steam. I can’t even select a new game or any other option in the menu. Have to shut it down via ALT+F4.

Does the mouse still move? What happens if you press ƒ10?

Is Windows 7 officially supported? I’m not on Windows personally.

Nothing happens when I press f10. My mouse is still moving but not in the game.

Do they menu options animate when you hover over them?

Hi, sorry about your issue. Can you try start it in window mode? Also can you see the menu or is it just black?

Hi Rubble, no they don’t animate.

Hi Fredrik, I’ve tried it in windowed mode. Unfortunately it’s not responding as well. I can see my mouse but there seems no interaction within the game.

While Windows 7 is not officially supported (as described on the Steam page) there shouldn’t really be any immediate issues running it there, although this might be one… what are you hardware specs? I’m thinking there might be something throwing null refs causing everything to stop, but I guess the panels slide in? Does aircraft and clouds move?

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