Can I buy this now?

I’m excited about this game, can I buy this now or am I buying a headache?

Is it playable??

I understand a lot of people are having problems.

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sometimes “headache” is target with passion :wink:

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Hey there and welcome :slight_smile:

Its perfectly playable and imho fun to do.
But it Is early access, so you get the occasional bugs. much more so than a finished game. Then again, if you stay away from the experimental branch, it’s usually not game breaking :slight_smile:


I’m having a blast. Over 374 hours playing and enjoying every one.

Lots of variations, experiments, new ideas to try. To me, so much fun and enjoyment. Especially more so with Mods.


Hi there,

The game is great and is perfectly playable. If you want a fun, playable game, just purchase and play. This will put you on the default branch, which is the most stable. The developers push an update roughly once a month. Which keeps the game fresh and interesting.

However, if you like to live a little more dangerously, buy the game and upgrade to the experimental branch via steam preferences. This way you get every update to test, and you can pitch in with you own ideas and feedback through the forum. Yes it’s a little buggier than the default branch, but that is half the fun. I’ve never had any major gamebreakinig issues on experimental, and I really enjoy the regular updates.

At the end of the day, its up to you, but if you invest early (since it is in early access), you wont be disappointed. :wink:

“Blast” geez your an Airport CEO you can’t say words like that lool :smiley:

But yes the game is playable, there are bugs but very few atm to my knowledge.

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Played 474 hours, really worth it, game has loads of hoops to go trough before beta, but the core team is awesome. If not, the problems the people listed would go unanswered. What is not the case ;), most stuff is fixed in no-time and we have lots of helpfull people on forums, so if you encouter a problem, it is fixed in your map in no-time too! :smiley:

I would definitely get onto buying it. I’ve been playing it since pre-alpha and while there are plenty of kinks to work out, the dev team are dedicated and work tirelessly to implement feedback and correct bugs :slight_smile:

Remember there is always the Steam Refund option if it does happen to give you a headache in the first few hours :slight_smile:


I’m obviously biased so I’m not going to comment on this or the replies, but daniel is correct, if you are uncertain you can always try it out and then refund it!

Yes, after purchasing you have two hours of game time or 14 days of ownership where you easily can refund it! :slight_smile:

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