Buttons Don't Function


I’m having an issue with pressing buttons. Basically when I try to press ANYTHING, nothing happens. But when I go to press the button on the top hub bar, some of those buttons work. But of course the ‘Open Game Menu’ doesn’t work therefore I can’t save the game and peacefully exit.

Could I be the only one having this issue?


My bugreport is in, but JIRA does not jet list it. Clicking the buildozer unlocked it for me.

Tip; the ESC menu also gives you the SAVE / LOAD etc menu.

I tried to do all the things you did and pretty much every other button in the game :slight_smile: Even the ESC and all the F1-F11 things to see if they did anything. I just left and did all the crap again.

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Sorry about that. Please report here (www.airportceo.com) and include the output log. It sounds like an exception was thrown which caused UI to break. A restart should solve it but to solve it for the future we need to look into the output.

Can the autosafe pls get a sound signal, so when the UI freezes up, we can “crash” the game after such a glitch, but have the autosafe sound as the moment like; yep, now I can crash it out.