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After we submit a bug how do we find out the status and what our bug support number was? I just submitted one and want to find out the status and if it is fixed. Sorry if this has been asked before but just got back into the game and wanted to see what happens after we submit one.

Sometimes you will never find out.
They used to publish all bug reports but it became to work intensive so they only publish them now in the release notes when they are fixed. If your bug was marked as duplicate, it will never show up, even if it’s fixed.

Bug tracking here: Bug reports

Asked that too a while ago. They collect all reports internal and choose which ones appear online in the tool. May they put several of them together or create their own versions. It’s almost like a lottery win when you see your own number in the release notes. Lol
But sad that there is no overview ingame too see what happened with the own reports.

The Airport CEO bug reporting tool is extremely accessible and thus widely used, something that is really good and an intended effect. When it comes to the bug reports we deal in quantity and not quality, we get hundreds of bug reports every day from thousands of players which makes it impossible for us to process each and every bug without spending a ton of time on administrative work rather than fixing the bugs. In the end, it’s most important that we resolve the issues that are most widely reported and not that each and every issue is accounted for. Perhaps that could be the case if we were a AAA studio with hundreds of employees, but with the three devs we are here at Apoapsis Studios this is hopefully OK as long as stuff gets fixed. :slight_smile:

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@Olof, everyone is fine with the way you are handling bugs and everything else. Also, I don’t know who would expect hundreds employees for 1 single video game. But the three of you make this game special.

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