Bug or feature?

I don’t have Stair Trucks in this menu. The only way to control their path is Allow all and Allow none

Guess those are under service trucks as I don’t know what that should be.

I also think that they are “Service Trucks” cause the baggage cars are also this option.

They are not, I have tested

Probably the same problem with baggage trucks. I haven’t tested yet but they are not in the list as well

baggage trucks are listed as “Service Trucks”.

That’s good, but could be more clear tbh

Still something has to be done with Stair trucks, it can mess a whole layout sometimes

I will try later if i could figure out what’s the right switch.

I try it and you are right, the Stair Trucks can only find their way if all options are allowed. :thinking:
The devs maybe have a look at this.

Do we have a bug report? Then the devs may can put it the next patch. :slight_smile:

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This is easily reproduceable, I don’t tnink an in-game report is needed

As I know our devs, it is.

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It always helps with a report… gives it something tangible to push through the workflow! :wink:

Alright, MERCURY-44853

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Thanks! got it :slight_smile:

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