Boarding Plans on 2nd Floor Issues (Bug)

Hi - I’m sure someone has mention this before, and I don’t know if it’s been answered or not but as of December 27th, after playing 126 hrs for the past week - I’ve encounter PAX boarding the plane on the first floor instead of boarding on the second floor.

I’ve tried to double the walls, so they would not queue on 1st floor, no luck. I tried Staff zoning the area, no luck they ignore the staff zone and try to board on first floor. I even tried to put a bathroom and/or store/restaurant - still no luck. They are like “ghost” go through walls making their way to board the plane on first floor instead.


Could you post some screenshots?


Sometimes i saw, that you can see the boarding PAX on both floors.
So they use the boarding desk and PAX_Bridge on 2. Level but you can see them also on 1. floor.
As they are originally on 2. floor and move like they can on 2. floor it is possible that they walk through walls or other things on the 1. floor.

Check if this is the same behaviour for you. :wink:

do you mean floor (0) or floor (+1)?

Yeah we for sure need some screens here to drill deeper! :slight_smile:

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