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I built 3 large stands and it would seem that everything is fine, but with one stand the landing was on time, but when I built more, the landing was delayed by 5 or more hours. People just don’t go there. They just go there, and do not use buses. There are also bus stops and stops for service cars for each stand. Also my average stands have the same problem. They are all remote.

This screenshot shows how I have a plane for 5 hours and is not loaded by passengers

Can you post a screenshot of the stand itself, that shows the status of all services.
Also there is a button to send the plane away.

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That’s very strange. May send a bug report (press escape) so that the devs can investigate your savegame.
Afterwards you can press the green button to send the plane away.

If it happens again only on that stand, then maybe there is something wrong at the terminal site.

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yes this is repeated at most stands

considering that I have so many booths, the satisfaction of companies is very low

Can you share a screenshot at the bus stop with active zone overlay?

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there also an international zone in the terminal. I have a lot of staff each type and this still dont working

oh sorry there is with zone overlay

oh yeah, thats a very confusing concept.

The passport checks are completely placed wrong. Those are needed to switch from the Secure Zone to the International Zone (red to purple) and back.

The boarding desks need to be after the security check and assigned to the bus stop and to the stand.

Large stands are international, so your bus stops have to be attached to the international zone.

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Oh thank you very much i will try to fix my terminal. Thank you!

Something like that:

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Thank you very much!

its me again. I have this problem again.

I think i do all like on your screenshot but its dont working ;(

and there is a screenshot of stand

so that you understand he should have flown away a long time ago

It seems there is an issue with your ramp agents.

Do you have inspection by ramp agents activated?
Can ramp agents reach the stands? (Service cars, car stops, nearby staff room)
If that all is fine, the ramp agents might are frozen, tray save and load.

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You seem to be playing on beta 3.3-2, the most recent default version is beta 3.4-0 and I suggest you upgrade before we continue debugging your issue! :slight_smile:


there is my staff room and all service car stops. i think its near each others.

i will reply on this topic if i have any questions at next day. Thank you all

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