Boarding broblems

i play the game and everything is working fine until a medium stand is delay but the passenger not getting on the bus to get to the stand.
pls help me fix this


Can you show us some screenshots of your stand, the bus stop and boarding desk?

Here is also a little guide how to setup remote stands. May it already helps. :slight_smile:

thanks for the guide but when i restart the game is normal again


here have a look, the passenger not getting on the bus



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Thanks for the screenshot. The issue is that passengers cannot enter the bus stop on that side. You have to provide a path to the other side. (see red arrows) You can use sidewalks. Also make sure to mark them as secure zone and a well the crosswalk.



You can use the passenger access overlay (found by the pathing tools in the lower right section of the menu) to debug accessibility issues like this! :slight_smile:

thanks you i fixed it :))))

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thanks you for a really fun game!

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i dont see the passenger access overlay
can you show me ?

it still happend

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Did you remember to zone the new walking area as secure?

Yes i did, everything worked fine until this happend

Can you provide a screenshot of the area with zones enabled?

here look

Are those stalled passengers arriving or departing? If you click on the exclamation symbol you should be presented with a path finding analysis.

i try it not working :confused:

i use the path anylish test either
and it working fine

sometime i press on the symbol nothing show