BER Preview 01 - The biggest airport in ACEO (work in progress)

I am working on a project of the still under construction Berlin airport BER and this is my first preview:

This is the work and preview 1 of the main terminal building. I am working on the internal assets and designs, some surroundings as parking slots and service roads at the moment.

Keep in mind that this image are already 2 full zoomed monitor sizes, so imagine how huge that airport will be.

I will keep this updated and on reddit aswell.


And here you can see how big the whole airport will be and the massive scale.


Hopefully it goes a bit better than the real one! :+1::joy:


Thats easy. Just open it! :smiley:


@Talyn :joy:


Interesting project! Could be a good save to later use for performance testing :slight_smile:

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For sure, that was my reddit post whith 16GB ram using 100% when i load this savegame and i need like 3 or 4 minutes to load it. Can we have nice loading screens with elevator music please? :smiley:



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Oh God, my laptop would die with this… :thinking:

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If that’s two monitors then when it gets bigger then I can expect your office/game room/ wherever is gonna look like a giant hackerspace like the one in watchdogs 2

Very interesting.

Did you unlock the world to make it bigger?

I’m trying Tegel myself.