Behind the scenes of AirportCEO?

Hi! I had a nifty idea which I’m not sure anyone has talked about yet. Do you think the devs would be open to showing the behind scenes of AirportCEO? What I always wondered was how things were setup in the game engine and how it all worked. I assume the devs are using Unity. Some things that would interesting to know would be how the passengers are setup in the hierarchy and the steps in takes for them to appear into the game. Also some other points could be how the saving system works, etc. I know this wouldn’t be for everyone and mostly would be cool for future game developers and programmers, but it would be cool! Let me know what you think.

If they do that, then that would ruin the secret of how the game is made. The only way to learn about that kind of stuff is doing it yourself. If you want to learn Unity, try downloading some of the sample projects provided by the Unity community and editing them and doing stuff on your own.

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I remember long ago when Notch streamed a bit development work of a pretry well known game. The next day he found his code online :slight_smile:


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