Bathroom/Staff Zone bug causes loss of all money

So I tried to start building a new airport, doing the layout and all the before getting construction underway but as I was laying out my Bathrooms I lost all my money. It changes to $NAN.

I have worked out that it is caused by the Bathroom and Staff Zoning (Not Staff room), when you designate the space it takes away whatever money you have.

It happens both when game paused and when live, I have checked and it does it when the building is complete as well making it unplayable in my opinion.

I am running Alpha 29.5-1

Same just happened to me.

I’ve just gone back to ver 29.4-4 and it all works perfectly fine but in ver 29.5-1 the Bathroom and Staff zoning seems to be not working. Hopefully they can get a patch out to fix the issue.

I held off changing any rooms as I was updating my current airport because this post has come up in a couple other places. Lot of employee areas that are currently nice places to sit with everyone else. I haven’t had any problems with my airport during this update, but I also note that hovering over any of the zoning areas on the airport structures tab shows N/A for the names of each and then also has lost the description of said zone types.

Yeah I have loaded previous Airports done before this update and they are running fine. The tabs Showing N/A are the ones causing issues and I am assume in the recent update there were some changes made to the rooms or how they function and somewhere along the lines of coding there is an issue