Baggage trucks and tasks are frozen at stands

Didn’t write down the bug report numbers I submitted, but I put one in for items being loaded from check-in desks to underground belts that are too close (assuming it might do that with overground as well) and one for this issue where a truck was stuck at the stand. If there is a log file that the bug report generates that tells the report number let me know. I’ll let the game run a couple in-game days tonight to see if I can re-generate the bug I was talking about earlier.

@Olof, I have not had a chance to try, but I will be able to in just over an hour when I clock out!

@Olof so I guess the main question is: What branch are you playing on?

Experimental. I’ve noticed the error fairly frequently throughout, but it seemed very bad when I was using 42.6-0. I’m up to 42.6-2 now and it seems to be slightly better but still not good. I filed a bug report.

@jasperwillem his seems to be an issue indeed, did you bug-report it?

Just now, yes.

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