Baggage problems

I still have problems with the bay. Can anyone tell me what i have done wrong ? =)

Make sure you have proper Security Checkpoints and exits for all zone changes (Secure/Unsecure) between Office and Bay.
Also it seems your bay is not connected, Read the manual included in the game (Right Bottom Corner “:question:”)

Your path for the ramp agents needs to be secure to,the sidewalks need zoning.

yeap… as @NastyGamer said, there is no factible way for your ramp employees to reach the baggage bay… I am pretty sure that baggage behaves as a secure zone so try to provide the employees with a security checkpoint so they can reach the baggage bay. And remember sidewalks (I am note 100% sure if this are needed for ramp agents, but I use them)

Thank you, i will try =)

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