Baggage Problem In Check-in Counter and Cargo Bay, It Stuck there


I do not know why all my Baggage is stuck at Check-In Counter and Cargo Bay???

Check -in counter won’t go to Cargo Bay, and Cargo Bay won’t go to Baggage Claim Area.

Do anyone have this problem ???

Hi @Deslowpoke

Could you show us some screenshots of this?

Or maybe just relogging will fix it if it is a bug… :slight_smile:

As PigScroll mentioned, post a screenshot (with the conveyor belt direction turned on)

and try reloading the game.

When I relogging still the same stuck

Are you sure that check in desks, baggage claim areas and stands are connected to baggage bay?

Pretty sure this issue is resolved in 0.22.0 (which will get pushed tonight) but can you send in the save so we can test anyway? I.e. via the bug reporting form on the website! :slight_smile:

For anyone using side by side dual carousels or one on top of the other I find one belt fails to work sometimes. If you reverse the direction of the failed one it works. ie one belt on top of the other make sure the centre lines face the same way so one belt is clockwise direction and the other is ante clockwise. Probably the same with side by side but I cannot recall at the moment, however if it fails just reverse the direction.

Edit: Wonder if that would fix some of the check in desks too, try reversing the baggage flow direction even if it takes longer to route

I am having the same issue. Baggage system all connected, no bags leave the check in desk.

I have tried straight conveyor and tilt… many different combos… no luck.

Yes I have check is all connected with no problem

I do not know how to save it but I will try to create a new post

Can you send me your save? I’ll try looking at it later.

Try reload the save in 0.22. We have done quite many bug fixes that could caused them to get stuck.

HI After the new update V0.22 the Check-in counter to Cargo Bay is ok,

But the. Cargo bay won’t go to the Baggage Claim area it stuck there nothing change.

and also the loading of Baggage to plane is not working they won’t load the baggage into the plane

Do you have service trucks to load the baggage?

Also, is the baggage claim area is already connected to the baggage bay?

Yes I do have 4 services truck,

Unloading is ok but Uploading is not ok,

and also that the baggage still stuck at the Cargo Bay did not move to Baggage Claim Area

MINE IS THE SAME!!! It annoys me so much.

Can you file a bug report with these saves? We’d like to get our hands on it and test.