Baggage handling in only some terminals

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Is it possible to have baggage handling in one terminal and not the other without your airport losing ratings? If not, it really should be.


Why would you want a use case like that? What would be the real world scenario?

Yes you can, but only if the non-serviced stands are small. If a small stand isn’t connected to a baggage bay, then aircraft serviced thereon cannot request baggage handling, and don’t complain that they can’t. You also need to ensure that PAX for flights from small stands are checked in using the small check-in desks.

I regularly run airports with two terminals, one for GA and small aircraft which does not have baggage handling, and the other for medium and large aircraft with full baggage handling, and regularly run at 95-96% airport rating. I have also had a mix of small and medium stands in the same terminal with only the medium receiving baggage handling service and have the same good result.

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Mainly when building a second terminal. Regional terminal is over there <-, while the new bigger terminal is over there ->. Want to get some planes running on the bigger terminal before a lot of infrastructure is complete. Fuel is quick to set up, but baggage is expensive and takes time, so get the planes on the second terminal rolling to get some cashflow.

Having said that, if it is limited to small stands, it won’t work the way I’m wanting, as the baggageless stands would be the mediums. :frowning:


Ah ok. Thankee good sir. Not quite the answer I was hoping for, but I can work with it. The regional terminal will have to wait until the new terminal is completely up and running to get it’s baggage handling.

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Exactly the way I do it if I have mediums in both terminals - baggage doesn’t get enabled until there are at least a couple of stands in the second terminal that are fully scheduled and can justify the expenditure on the baggage handling system. The baggage systems can be built up piecemeal when there is a little surplus cash about until both terminals are ready for the ‘big switch on’.

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