Baggage connection to check in and gate

I would like to ask if there is a specific distance allowable to connect the baggay bay to the check in and gate? I already have 29 stands and just started to design my baggage system however when i click on the check in counters and gates there are no options to connect them to the baggage bay. What could be the possible problem here? thanks!

AFAIK, there’s no maximum operating distance, but remember that the longer the distance, the more time it takes for things to move. This is usually a not problem for check-in desks since check-in happens way before plane arrives, but the problem starts occurring when loading the bags to the planes.

It should be an option to say when checkin must start to reach far side of terminal. Say gate C5 is very long way from the check in area, and also baggage bay is far. You say all departure from gate C5 needs checkin 3 hours in advance (or something)…

I’m just redesigning my complete baggage system, as I had massive problems from baggage bay distance to baggage claim and stands.

So I highly recommend to place baggage bay as close as possible to baggage claim and as centered as possible to connected stands…

Airport with 34 stands (when redesign finished, there will be 40+ med stands…)

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