Baggage BUG or question?

Hey there,
I have issues with my baggage system.
I can´t find the mistake. The bags don`t move through the scanners at security…
Please HELP ASAP!!

See the screenshots for information below!

I really hope you can help me out soon!

Best regards

You don’t need to place tilt trays on each scanner outlet, simply build it so that the outlet puts the bag into the stream (i.e. the tilt tray is unnecessary and can be replaced with a regular straight conveyor belt tile).

As for the stopping bags, do you have any other baggage bays or are these in the picture the only ones?

Thank you for your answer.
I will try it out and replace the tilt tray with normal belt.
I only have those two baggage bays…


I think I fixed it.
Thank you!

Cheers and a nice weekend!

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