Baggage belts

anyone having a problem with baggage not moving off the check-in desk to the high speed belts ? they all just clump up at the end and dont go no where ?

Sounds like your system is incorrectly routed, is there a baggage warning icon spawned at a cargo bay in your airport?

I actually started getting this problem on my last airport. I hadn’t rebuilt anything I had a massive load of congestion though, have you checked how much baggage is actually on the belt in front

no baggage just wont come off the check-in desk belts and on to the high speed belts

Can you send a screenshot of your current baggage layout?

i would but i cant get back on to the saved game, i will upload screen shots as soon as i can

My baggage belt is working fine, sometime it’s jammed but it will move again. The one annoy me is sometime the service car get stuck at the apron that caused delay & I forced to leave it behind to get the airplane stand clear for the next flight and passenger sometime standing on top of the baggage belt while waiting at baggage claim area.

@waeke only way to stop the pax standing on the belts is to zone it as a staff zone. Works a treat and allows you to decorate the middle of the belt, I use a selection of bushes and trees!!

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@Bazzab68 Never thought about it and it’s works. Thanks

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I had exactly the same problem. Had to delete the high speed belts and rebuild with slow ones.
Now works, but painfully slow - huge pause between each bag!

what did you not get working? I’ve just built a baggage system with a mix of the belt speeds and worked here.



Could you send some whole baggage system screenshots with the baggage belt arrows enabled so we could examine it for any errors? That might help us find the error since the system looks fine there… :slight_smile: