Bad drivers

I remember someone posted about this some while ago, but I can’t find the post.
I also wanted to file a bug report online, with some modified screenshots illustrating the proble, but couldn’t find an upload button here

This happens whenever you have a “curve” and a fork nearby. Instead taking the correct (yellow) turn, the driver cuts the corner, even waiting for any oncoming vehicle, and causing an unnecessary jam.


This is a workaround, but not a solution.

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At the url you posted, you can click the “+” symbol in the left menu bar which will open the dialog to create a new bug.

That’s no problem, but how do I upload files to that new bug?

Ah, now I get you. You’re right, it seems that it was disabled in Jira. Until a few months ago it was still possible to attach files but now that’s gone.

Furthermore, as soon as traffic jams, there, one-ways are ignored, often causing total chaos and even more…

My workaround is simply avoiding any crossings, like this…

Edit: Deleted wrong information

Done that - been there… where’s the file upload?

I think the only way possible would be to upload the files somewhere else and just add the link in bug description. A bit annoying though if you always have to go to two sites.

Oh… I will not create an account on some file-hosting site just for this…

Sorry, I hadn’t checked, as I used this tool shortly and I was able to upload… :frowning:

If you are on windows 10 you probably already have an OneDrive account, you know?

Of course not! :astonished:

You can send a direct message with attachments, will ask what happened to the online bug report form in regards to attaching images and files.

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