Aviation Score Number

How do you up the General Aviation score in the satisfaction overview in the game panel?

| “150 limit reached”

Press tab and it should be there.

I had a rating of 0 satisfaction, what am I doing wrong?

Do you even have any GA? :slightly_smiling_face:

What is GA?

General Aviation = GA :slight_smile:

You make a small stand and enable the “General Aviation” toggle switch, and occasionally you’ll get GA flights requesting to land at your airport. All they do is land, park, and maybe refuel. Think Cessna airplanes and stuff.


Reputation is purely cosmetic at this time :slight_smile:


From my experience it’s as pderuiter suggested only cosmetic. I have 10 concrete GA stands and a dedicated runway and I still have a low score. Also my scores for commercial have stayed at 50% the whole game.


I’m not sure if it’s purely cosmetic, I rather think that there are not enough triggers influencing it at the moment. You can try to lower the fees and see if it helps. :smiley:


Atm I am trying the first “extreem” mode airport, with 250k and a loan I hope I can start with servicing GA flights, lets see if I can pay back my first loan in time.

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