Automatic scheduler is not working properly


When i play the game i run into a problem that the automatic scheduler i have enabled first schedules a whole lot and then shuts it down for a while unit there is nothing more schedule.

Am i doing something wrong?

As you can see in the picture there are 87 flights but he doesn’t fill it all the way, i have all the contracts and after a while the flights will be even less planned.

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I have never seen this but I have seen something similar. I couldn’t put in flights even though auto scheduler was off and couldn’t put it in on the same day. Turned out that planes have schedules and if you put it in at the same day, you might be not able to put in the flight as there is a flight obscuring tomorrow.

How many flights are there available to plan?

I’m having the same problem… I can set the flights myself if I disable auto planning briefly but it doesn’t reschedule… This is causing most of my airlines to go down to 1%satisfaction after a while of forgetting to check…
(P. S (Awesome game :)…)

about 150 flights

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