I think it would be nice to have an option to enable one of your executives to automatically sign contracts for shops and food franchises. Sometimes I miss the notification or don’t see that one of my shops isn’t operating because I have a large airport. Just a small quality of life improvement.


I agree - or at least auto-renewing successfully completed contracts! I do really like the idea of having board execs enabling more automation.


Im not a fan of this because contracts come in so many variations and they all have different end-goals in terms of sales and they all pay a different rent.

In other words, I’d rather pick my own contracts

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That’s where you would have an option for it. Win-win!

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Rather than an option, I would like different executables ahev different abilities PLUS you as CEO can give them rules (what you call option but on the level of the position) on how they have to do their job. So it’s not a program/game option, but a CEO guideline.
E.g. a HR manager has different skills for hiring good people, and the CEO (you) could (dos-)allow the HR manager to hire at all.


Apart from the executives hiring and accepting contracts, there should be a separate page for the executives to post their hires, so that you can hire them or sign the contract, without going to the shop to sign the contract, and you can press accept or reject, and the signing screen will not appear, as the executives will sign it.
On top of that you can select a numerous amount of work you want to the executives to do, like shop and food contracts, various staff, procurement, etc…
Then the player can decide on the screen if they want to accept it or not. More efficient, and economical.


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