Auto Board Desk - Pax trying to path find through them - ARR/DEP Segregation

Hi All,

This is more of a query than necessarily a bug report as I can already understand the reason this occurs.

If a auto boarding desk is used to segregate between Arrivals and Departures, the issue is that either side will still remain the same numbered secure zone.

Due to that, and i know this has been case in some bug reports I’ve read, you will find the following often…

  • Immigration/Secure Exit routes - Passengers will try and find them on wrong side of that ARR/DEP segregation leaving them trapped
  • Bathrooms - they’ll try and access bathrooms that are on other side of the unpassable desk.

Solution/fix in short term I use is briefly switch off the Departures area routes (the immigration desks allowing missed flight customers to exit departures area), or turn off the bathrooms on either side to trigger them to look elsewhere.

Question = is there an possible solutions to this? :slight_smile:

Maybe either the boarding desks are all passable? Alternatively, which i’d much rather, is that all boarding desks are a one way option only passable once the boarding is open and only possible to those specific passengers, but that in some way the secure zone either side are not joint together?

I know my preferred suggestion there is likely impossible, but it’s more an opinion haha

Any thoughts of experiences of this from anyone else?

Maybe having all the boarding desks as passable is the solution forcing us to segregate in other ways?

Or is there a way of breaking the secure zone in middle of the desk? but would that break path finding more widely?

You can’t break the secure zone, pax won’t go through unsecured area there and it would just mess everything up. If you got medium or large stands, you can do the separation easily. Door to airbridge is 4 tiles wide. Exit - wall 1 - wall 2 - entrance. From Wall 1 you extend a wall out and enclose an area. Take it downstairs with stairs or escalators and thus your arriving pax never meets the departing pax.

With small stands, you can only separate them by using a passageway on another floor and stairs leading into it are right next to a stand. Then only exit from the secure area is at the end of that passageway.

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I noticed when I separated them in this manner, I would still need an exit on the departure side in case of an emergency cancelling a flight… Otherwise, they would technically be trapped in the terminal.

Sure, that can be by the security checks and isn’t accessible for the arriving pax.

Thanks Both - as I say it’s more curiosity if this is being looked into or not. I’m familiar with the segregation methods :slight_smile:

Issue is simply, can boarding desks be consistent between the two types to avoid it happening, though I totally get why the automated desk is one way for the correct customers since it’s a physical gate.

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