Assign things does works properly? :/

I currently run 2 terminals, and those terminals are separated by stand sizes.

So Terminal 1 is for Small airplanes, which is all small stands are in terminal 1.
And Terminal 2 is for Medium airplanes, all medium stands are all in terminal 2.

I operated terminal 1 first, then I build terminal 2 later on, and I hired staffs, and it seems like auto assign things are not work properly.

This is the terminal 1 ramp agent work area. (Photo above)
Terminal 1 got only 8 small stands, it shouldn’t be require this much ramp agent, but… well…

and This is what terminal 2 ramp agent work area looks like.
I was hired more than 70 agents to get them to work in terminal 2, but they keep goes to terminal 1.

So even I divided terminal 1 and 2 separately, I just connected together by sidewalk on the ground and underground for both way(If Auto assign works fine, I thought they might travel terminal 1 to 2…). They never traveled. So I was become very skeptical to current HR director (I thought he is dumb or what) so I fired him and hire very expensive, high skill rates guy so hopefully he is more smarter then previous HR director. But the results was same.

While I struggling with ramp agents, I also spotted Assigned vehicle randomly they changed decisions and park somewhere else.

Like this photo above, I assign to park each baggage truck, belt roader, and stare truck to stands individually, and after few hours of playing suddenly they are disappeared from the stand and park somewhere else. Some vehicle even goes to different terminal to park.

So I am wondering Auto Assign thing works alright or is this just me to works weird?
Is there any possible way to manually put my employees to work somewhere else if auto assign not works?

Btw, I love you developers!

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Press “T” and then click on the staff and/or vehicle to get the popup. Then adjust the vehicles/staff per terminal


OMG I didn’t even knew that was able to click on! Thank you!


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