ASEAN International


Airline Description: ASEAN INTERNATIONAL is an exclusive airline operating in the china region. The airline was founded in November 1978 and was based Kai Tak airport. ASEAN INTERNATIONAL is one of those airlines flying non-stop to major countries in China, Asia, Europe, Oceania and US. With the high demands of the airline to be punctual and safety is on top, ASEAN INTERNATIONAL makes 100% customer satisfaction. Frequent flyer program gets you as a bussiness to economy class traveler to discover new destination round the globe. We use B777, B787, B747, A320, A333, A340, A350 and A380 which fly to more than 200 destinations, 62 countries.

Airline CEO Name: Edwin Lau Tin Yeung

Airline Design Image:



Nice colors :wink:

Sorry to tell you this…

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Thanks alot :grinning: times to rebrand hehe.

Sorry to break the news… good that we noticed now

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Hang on. His company name is ASIAN"I"A, not ASIANA. It won’t be a problem, I guess.

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Yeah thanks again, until 15th we need to find the right name and design so we work on :grin:

Does it hit this requirement though? It’s close

The airline must be fictive and not a copy of an existing airline.

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Colors and font don’t match. Also many words can be reproduced from “ASIA” so I tihink it won’t be a problem. Devs use Böeing for their 737s :smiley:

I personally would want an airline with Far East theme in game. Like Maple with Canada theme, NAS with Scandinavia theme.

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It’s close and I guess it’s the OP’s call as to whether he wants to risk it

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I’ll change the name and design guys. That’s ok.

NO NO NO NO Don’t change design. I really liked it :smiley: Especially green color. There are no green aircrafts in ACEO at the moment.

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Apart from Air Strada…

But I agree, don’t change. I don’t think it should be a problem… :grinning:

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Where is that green?

:smiley: Turqoise is not green.

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I suppose I was just being pedantic… :wink:

I do think we need more colours in ACEO…hmm, let’s think:

  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Black

Blue seems to be the most common colour at the moment…


Add white too. Most of IRL liveries are wtihe with custom painting over them. Actually game should have more of these types. (white over writing)

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When you say purple I need to redesign Golden Siam coz that looks like Thai Airways. The main point for me is make the new design from my favourite airlines into the game. Inspiration not directly copy paste is just what I wanna do. So if that’s not ok to do so I’ll change my design. That’s ok guys. I love aviation game that’s why I’m here. Thanks you all for helping :grin:

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I like the color scheme. Reminds me of Cathay Pacific.

New name update guys :grin: :heart_eyes:

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very nice!