Any way to cancel all flights?

Hello all

Right now, my airport is in a complete mess. I have over 20 flights delayed and I am having a massive backlog that is unclearable.

Is there a way to clear ALL flights or passengers and start anew? Does closing the airport work?

Closing airport works. After closing it; dismiss the airplane from stand and shut down the stand right away. This will cancel all future flights in flight planner. After that you fire all workers. Since all flights are cancelled, passengers will leave. If not; reload the save game.

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Why would you have to fire all workers?

Great! Thank you so much. I really hope it works for me!

I have gone to the lengths of canceling all the contracts, then straight canceling the flights. It eliminates the hit that you’ll take from the flight cancellations in order to clean up the mess. I tried canceling the flights without canceling the contracts once and it killed my approval rating with the airline. I think it was actually a negative number because no matter how many flights took off on time, the rating stayed that way for days. If you cancel the contracts, they’ll come back in a few hours, but the only hit you take is the 30% starting over. You can offset the availability of the flights by downloading the all airlines mod and making contracts with every airline. I can fill 51 flights at a time with all of the contracts I have. There doesn’t seem to be a penalty in letting them sit there with pending flights.

You can also be patient, let the schedule play out, they’ll catch up eventually. Obviously turn off the autoscheduler if it’s on.


For me, it works to never develop night flights, then your airport can catch up.

Thank you for your advice!

I learned that with this airport build as well and would +1 to it… this really has made a difference where in the past, it was pretty hopeless…

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