Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport IATA: AGH

Welcome to the local airport Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport IATA: AGH
Airport is on the workshop.

So, i live in the city of Helsingborg, Sweden. And atm due to COVID-19, our regional airline BRA is not flying at all, and also my home airport Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport, IATA: AGH is closed.

So as a tribute i want to welcome you all to my version of Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport, IATA: AGH
If you want to look at the real numbers and maps just look at the wiki.
In my version we have a small GA area and one terminal split into a domestic are and a international area.

I’ve hired as many “locals” as possible. And tried to keep it as local as possible.