Ambulance Air

Hi, I’m playing on the testing branch and after opening up my airport to commercial flights, my airport has been swarmed with Ambulance Air flights. There doesn’t appear to be any contract with them so is there any way to stop them from coming to my airport?


No, air ambulances are emergencies, so no way to stop them, you just have to deal with them

It would be a matter of turning off emergencies (difficulty settings) as they are realistically random :slight_smile:

But they’re occupying every single slot for flights. Are they meant to be this common?

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Probably not but I think it can vary, my experience of emergencies is limited. Which difficulty setting are you on? if it is a high setting you might find they are really common if other emergencies have preventative measures (bird strike prevention, good security…)

It is on high but I only get an emergency like once a day in game. The air ambulances on the other hand just come on their own with no emergency. Like the only way for me to get in normal contract flights is by cancelling the air ambulance flight and then filling the spaces again with normal flights. But if there’s any blank spots then I can assure you that the ambulance air flights will immediately occupy them again.

I have the same problem - Might be a bug?

Yes, those are not supposed to be a normal contract. How did you get them when autoplanner is disabled for those stands?

Yeah mine looks the same but worse

Even with autoplanner disabled they just fill whatever slot they want for me

That’s definitely a bug. You are supposed to get a few only, not so often. Maybe bug-report this?

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Correct. You have to schedule them manually and the view should be red as well. That is a bug.

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We’re investigating this issue! :slight_smile:


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