[Already Implemented] Taxiway, Stands and other taxiway markings

Feature request title:

Runway, Taxiway and Stand markings


Every airport in the world has stand and taxiway markings all around their airports directing planes about where to go and what routes to take around their airport. These could all be auto generated with manual override based upon how the player lays down taxi ways and from the renaming of Stands we can already do.

Why it should be implemented:

This could be an air to better ground operations and to help with the ATC tower as well. Would also provide visual interest within the design or airports.

Images, references or additional content:(With example ficture made on paint by EG0611)


@Rubble very good point! In my opinion this is one of the most important features that should be added. And looking at the holding points before the runway, there should also be all the relevant code available to do so.

I just have a practical example where I would like to have more options to set specific parameters for certain taxiways:

In this picture I have a taxiway that is required for my tarmac stands for GA. And it should only be used by such aircraft. Right now I also have 757 taxiing via this taxiway. The wings of the 757 touch the parking aircraft though.

In a first place it could also be solved very simple. Close a taxiway for the already existing categories: GA, Small commercial aircraft, medium commercial aircraft.


Well instead of opening a brand new topic and creating another topic… :wink:

Idea name: Modular taxiway markings

Example picture:

Example picture


So there will be 2 major parts of this feature; Tile coloring and writing.

Tile coloring: 1 tile of taxiways, runways, tarmac and stands (a.k.a.1 small square on game) will be paintable with various colors on aviation. Yellow, red, blue, green, black (for concrete background) or gray (for asphalt background). When user paints 2 tiles next to each other; tile colors will be connected and it will be seen as 1 colored rectangular area.

Writing: User can write things on taxiways, runways, tarmac and stands. Each character will cover
1 small tile. Players will be able to select colors AND some special symbols like arrows from a dropdown menu. There won’t be a strain to have a colored background for writings. Players can just go and write whatever they want on default taxiways, runways, tarmac and stands.

Arrow examples: Unicode Arrows →


Looks good, I would love this

Maybe just coustom tiles just lika airport logos?

Maybe just coustom tiles just lika airport logos?

What do you mean?

I think he means a tile that has a realistic look to runway markings, as a decorative item you can manually place on like a tile.

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Yes exactly! :slight_smile: Cause the only thing you need for a working taxiway is the center tiles were u put the taxi nodes. a simple concrete/asphalt tile with a texture of a “A1” or “B4” could be placed on both sides of the center line, like in EG:s picture :slight_smile:

I think sooner or later we should have requirement before opening airport/ medium (large) commercial flights as placing “taxiway sign” and some other stuff so pilots can navigate the airport

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This feature is also open for voting :wink:

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such a good proposal, it’s a shame it got only 22 votes!

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only 22 votes!

Yeah it is :sob:

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Is this not fairly simple to implement? We have the airport logo, and it is possible to place it on the taxiway.

All we need is different textures that looks like

@Rubble s example.

A new category of items called signs.
I think the community can make these signs themselves :smiley:


They are easy enough to make, and the community would be more than ready, just no way we have to place them without the Dev’s adding the feature though.

EDIT: They don’t even need to be functional/operational. We could just plop them as we desired.


Necessary stuff are written on my message;

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It’s not about not wanting to vote for the topic but there are simply so many things to want that you run out of votes quickly.

Yeah, and these ones would be nice too

not functional just eye candy, but maybe will add a bit to airport infrastructure rating.

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the only problem with those is you can’t really see anything from the birds eye view, but I like the idea of adding labeling to the airport and many of the other ideas here

These will be hard to be seen on top down view. Maybe like flight monitors they can have a default screen with tilted angle but then they cannot be editable. On the other hand taxiway surface markings will be seen on top down view.

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