[Already Implemented] Airport Fire Service

Worldwide there is no Airport which is allowed to operate without Firefighters.
So I would appreciate it, if ther could be firefighting service in our Airports too


I can’t believe we neglected this idea :open_mouth:

YES! And we also need: Apron police service, Apron medic service etc…

If we have firefighting we would also need incidents for the firefighters to deal with.

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We don’t need this yet as there are no incidents that actually require them

I vote for this on the condition that emergency events would also be introduced to necessitate a need for this.

Yes we need this, great idea and airport police to.
Incidents and pick pockets/shoplifters.

I think this was once mentionned in a Devlog has to be implemented for Alpha 36 (panic update), right ?

There are probably other topics about emergency that should be closed / indicated “selected for implementation”.


This is implemented with the emergency update.

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Correct :partying_face:

Topic is LOCKED

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