Allowed Aircraft Type on Taxiways

With the new Big Bird update, planes now only require a certain distance to takeoff. For example, a GA plane on a medium runway will taxi up to the GA takeoff point, and takeoff from there.

What I think should be added is the ability to define certain taxiways for certain aircraft types only. As of right now, a GA plane will always taxi to the end of the runway, even if there is a runway entry point right next to where the plane is to takeoff from. If there could be a system similar to the directional taxiway system, it’ll be more realistic as there won’t therefore be small or medium sized planes taxiing on the runway for takeoff.

Similarly, a GA plane could affect the flow of ground traffic, as planes have to wait for each other. Planes will always take the shortest route to my knowledge - this sometimes causes a backlog of planes on a runway. If we could define that Taxiway Alpha was for medium and large aircraft only, and that Taxiway Bravo was only for GA aircraft, it may be better for some airports.

I hope I made sense and I hope this would be implemented - it would definitely add a somewhat new level to the game.


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I think i get your point, for now you can decide if a taxiway is one way or both. It works for setting up a good traffic flow. Something i wanna bring up also is that atm wind dosen’t matter for takeoff. It will always be the same side of the runway for takeoff/landing.

Also atm, the ATC is not optimized, planes will wait for other planes that is very far away. And in those cases it would be more realistic that it got the bush back, and then started taxi. Ofc it all depends on the layout of taxiways and so on but basically they should always have to wait for each other at the latest point possible.

some extra options for taxiways would be nice indeed:

GA allowed or not
Airliners allowed or not

Width restrictions? as seen in real life:


I don’t see the point in having different size aircraft start their takeoff roll from different points on the runway. While intersection departures are common for certain runways at some airports, even then, all aircraft are usually departing from the same point unless other circumstances dictate (performance, traffic flow etc). I would make it so that all aircraft depart from the end of the runway as long as an entry point exists at the end. If a taxiway does not extend to the end of the runway, let aircraft depart from the closest taxiway connection to the approach end of the runway. If an aircraft needs full length to depart, it can back-taxi and depart full length.

Size or width restrictions on Taxiways could also be set by the with of the taxiway. minimum of 3 tiles for small, 5 tiles for medium and 7 tiles for large.

This is a really good idea

What we could do quite easily is have the right click option also feature aircraft size, so small/medium/large only. However, having restrictions on taxiway width is a more complicated feature as it requires a lot of logic to check width along the entire path. I think having a right click option would be enough.


I totally support this. I’ve had medium aircraft enter the runway at the GA position only to backtrack to their take-off position.

Also I believe this is needed to stop an A380 from plowing through the GA alleyway on it’s way to de-icing or a runway.

@Fredrik I think this is the best solution as it allows the player to decide on and where to place restrictions. Thank you.

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Bringing this one to the top as well! Important feature.

This yes please, we need the MAX SPAN mark really badly.

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could we have a fourth category of A380 as you find this often at Airports and the A380 is that much wider than the others requiring a tile or 2 wider separation between taxiways and runways?

so Small/Medium/Large/A380?

or maybe even a 5th. GA Category for only GA aircraft

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A right click option that shows a menu where you can allow/deny the 5 categories (maybe individually) would be great. It’ll make routing the planes trough your airport way easier. Visually this could spawn the MAXSPAN ground markings. That would be a nice touch!

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doing the same

This is so true! Got my vote!! Keep this one alive!!!

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