All People Frozen

Everyone is frozen, I have to keep pushing back my flights because no-one is moving! please help. I submitted a bug report but I still do not know what I can do to fix this.

UPDATE: I saved the game, quit the game to the Desktop, relaunched it, and loaded back to the same save, and about 50% of the people unfroze, but there are still lots of frozen people

UPDATE 2: Ok, back to square one. It looks like a lot of the time, people are checking in, walk like, 2 tiles, and then freeze again. This needs to be fixed.

Can you press F10 and check the value for “Astar Queue”? I’d guess it to be pretty high which means a lot of people are just waiting for their path to be calculated. That’s why they don’t move, they don’t know where to go next.

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This has happened before, and if you are really desperate you can go F10 and reset all passengers, or send all home.

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astar queue is 0

Which game version is this?

No idea, I use steam, how do i check?

Please create a bug report via in game bug report system.

press “ESC” and click “report bug”. While reporting; write “All People Frozen ZB1423” on title so developers wil know the case.

It’s listed on the top of your screen when running the game, "AIrport CEO Alpha… ".

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