Airportceo/passengers cant reach the terminal from bus stop

can I get some assistance of this the passangers cant rea

ch the terminal.

passengers cant reach the terminal

Could you please share a daytime screenshot with zones enabled?

It looks like there is no “sidewalk” between the terminal and the bus stop. It’s a night shot; so it isn’t the best to tell. However, the difference in color gives it away. The sidewalk is in the same section as the roads, and it shouldn’t be confused with the asphalt/concrete in the same menu as the terminal stuff (walls, zones, etc). Passengers can only walk on vehicle stops, concrete, crosswalks (roads) or terminal floor; no taxiway or asphalt/concrete. You can get around taxiway by laying road over it and covering the road with crosswalks (and zone it, of course).

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Another thing is it’s nice to put lights outside, so you can see passengers outside, in case there are problems in the future. Plus I’ve never seen an aiport with no lights outside IRL