Airport Staff not working @ Boarding Areas

Hey, I have a lot of airport staff and when I go to job tasks there is only 1 boarding station that comes up, however I have 6 different boarding stations that are connected to different stands… Can someone please help? Losing a ton of money due to them not being able to work, therefore not being able to board passengers.


Screenshots will make it easier for assistance, also include the zoning of your airport and out of interest where is the staff rest room?

Sure, one sec.

Same thing happens with my bagging area, They dont go to operate the baggage bay. All of the people sitting down are my ramp agents and my airport staff…

Do you have security working the security stations? And are your security stations set to process staff ?

Yes, its all set up and they’re working. I have 4 separate ones to process staff only.

All the security posts are security and staff marked areas?

How do the passengers go from Checkin to the secure area?

WHere is the loading area?

Is the cargo bay in a secure area from the terminal to the cargo bay?

Is there a sidewalk from the terminal to the cargo bag including any crosswalks?

Everything is secure, there is no sidewalk needed from the terminal to cargo bay.

It seems you have no planes on the stands at this moment.

The Boarding desks will only request staff when they are called in by a desk with a plane on it.

Ramp agents also will be requested by the stands when a plane arrives (2 small stand, 4 medium stand).

Ramp agents will just make standard filled shifts on Baggage loading / unloading stations.

When you do have planes on the stand, check the “operations” menu, in staff tasks tab, you can see the “requested” number of personal, if it turns red for a long time on one of the staff type lines, it is time to hire new staff in that task area.

I got everything fixed already, thank you tho guys. @Jasper you should be support already buddy. :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: - what fixed it? - tell players who end up here with a search.

So, I didnt have enough workers number 1. Number two was the fact that they weren’t being requested. So I started requesting them to go to the location and now they just keep doing it.

Maybe send in your first saved game situation as a bug report, maybe the algorithm got stuck somehow.


A handy tip, build some staff rooms airside to stop time wastage of staff going through security or vice versa :wink:

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