Airport slow, what to do?


when my airport is being a big one; the game is going bumpy. the imaging is a real problem, because it blocks on my screen. what can be the solution?

Buy a good computer like @Fredrik. Let me give you some insights in our thoughts about that one :wink:


Unfortunately, there will always be some limit where your hardware will say “no more”. Where this limit is, is very much dependent on you system and game world. We are always trying to improve the performance so that more people can build larger airport while keeping a high fps. At this point there are some things you can do such as setting the passenger modifier slider in the game settings to a lower value. Reducing the terminal size and avoid running a fully packed flight planner since the smallest delay will increase you passenger count as new passenger will keep coming to the airport. You can also send your save via the in-game bug reporting tool so that we can take a look at it and make sure that there are no memory leak or similar. I hope that answers your question. :slight_smile: