Airport Skytrain

With multi terminal coming Sometime in the future or soon it would be nice to have skytrains put into the game. I’m not sure if anyone has said anything about them but skytrains really would make a multi terminal airport come true. I have had this game for a while and each day i hope to have some kind of way to have my airport bigger and better Multi terminal is the right step ahead I cant wait to see more and I hope skytrains will be in an update soon or later!

There’s no point until there’s a reason for traveling from one terminal to another such as connecting passengers which won’t happen (at least until after the beta release, if ever).

There are points to use it now.

  1. If you have a main entrance terminal and you want to connect your satellite terminal.
  2. If you have a long terminal to reach the other end, like in Hamad International Airport (DOH)
  3. If you want to connect the parking lot with the entrance, like in Tampa (TPA) or Vancouver (YVR).
  4. When we talk about Vancouver there is it the public skytrain wich connect the airport with the parking lots, so if we could build a connection to the word we have a new efficient transport system.

Thats what im talking about it would be nice to have that we need to get this post trending


I hope we can them to notice this idea it would be amazing

Yes please! :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if this is a thing but, I don’t believe this is coming to the game. Of course I have no information to backup this but I do believe it was mentioned that we won’t have any sort of rail transportation that goes through our airports. There is always a fortunate chance I am wrong.

I’d love to see this, underground style like Denver International Airport. Above ground style like Dallas would be an interesting build, but it would require them to transition to rounded curve features from the current square modeling.

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