Airport scanners - is the tutorial wrong?

This is how the ACEO tutorial explains the more complex conveyor systems:

I built a scanner system the way the picture shows, but it does not make sense to me. Right now, the first general scanner puts a lot of bags into the destroyer. If a bag passes the first scanner, it will pass all the other scanners and the scanning station, too. So only the first scanner seems to decide if destroyed or not.

So the right thing to do for me would be

  1. general scanner, if it detects something, goes to scanning station, then decision if destroyed or not

  2. if passing general scanner, bag goes to belt with 5 specific scanners, if failing one of them goes to scanning station, then decision like above.

But the tutorial shows something different, so I am confused.

I see, there are different options how to set up scanners.

But has anyone ever witnessed a specific scanner sorting out a bag after the general scanner greenlighted it? I didn’t. So right now, I build specific scanners or a general scanner, but not both.

This is my baggage set up. Scanner 1 does green light stuff and then the specific scanners remove it. I then give scanner 3 a go before I crush it.

I run luggage through the regular scanner and after that through all the other scanners, when a scanner detects a suspicious bagage it goes out on the belt towards scan station III (the one with the security officer), the security officer then does the last check and if it’s still a hazard it’s being sent to the cargo/bagage destroyer. And yes I’ve seen bagage being scanned by a specific scanner and flagged to be a hazard, after the bagage had gone through cargo scanner I. This doesn’t say this is the best setup, this is just the way I setup the scanners and it works for me. :wink:

See my setup below:

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I think setting up the scanning station as the “last fortress” before baggage destruction is the right thing to do.

But what’s the point in having a regular scanner in your setup above, if any baggae goes through the specific scanners anyway?

I never had bags that were greenlighted by the regular scanner and then sorted out by the specific scanners. Maybe I just did not watch the process long enough. But someone on this forum said - and it made sense to me initially - that the specific scanners to not detect more hazardous bags than the regular scanners do, They just are more specific in naming the exact hazard. In this case, lining up specific scanners after the greenlight zone of the general scanner would not make any sense.

Having the regular scanner in front of the specific scanners is a little bit overkill indeed. In the beginning I had the regular scanner and if it found something it went through the specific scanners, otherwise it would go through to the plain. At some point I created this setup and stayed with it because as said I’ve seen bagages being picked out by the specific scanners even after they were let through green lighted by the regular scanner. But looking at it now I could loose the regular scanner. :grin:

It could be the case that the specific scanners do not have a more enhanced or intelligent function than the regular scanner as of now, but can imagine they will be in the future. So for the future benefit of that and for realism I have the specific scanners built.

I remember when i kept an eye on it, my security guard at the manual scanning station would greenlight every Luggage with money even though the automatic scanners detect them. I also don’t understand why the Luggage ticket (what you see when click on luggage) would already tell you it had guns, drugs, or anything before the Luggage was scanned

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