Airport scalability

Hey guys,

I’m looking forward to the release of ACEO, I have been following closely and watched all 3 gameplay videos. I am only wondering if the current build would scale well when you intend to build a large field.If I look at my home airport Schiphol, it has 93 gates (remote stands not included), other large airfields have similar amounts if not more gates.

Heck, let’s say I wan’t my aceo airport to have 40 gates, how does the game handle that at the moment. I mean, in the videos, I have only seen fields with a couple of gates, more comparable to a small regional field.

Can we build large international airports with Airport CEO :smile:


Hey! Good question, surprised anyone hasn’t called us out on this yet. We haven’t built an airport with 40 gates yet but I’ll try that later this week, there should be no constraints on the systems as they are very low impact and generic but what is going to struggle is your hardwares rendering components. The biggest one we’ve built yet consisted of a bout 10 gates or so before the save broke (on purpose). As we’ve said before, rendering thousands and thousands of individual objects means a lot of work for your GPU and that’s where the bottle neck is. The game is currently in an alpha state so there are of course a lot of things we can do to render stuff more cheaply and we’ve already done some very notable improvements which we’ve written about. For now, I think the answer is “it depends on your rig”, but yes, building 40 gates is possible but I guess we cannot currently say how well that’ll run. I’ll update this post later this week.


Thanks for responding! Curious to learn what your tests will show.

Any update? I am interested as well. Maybe the next dev log could mention something like this? I have a pretty powerful PC and think I can handle a lot of gates but I’m hoping that too many passengers won’t bring it down too much.

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