Airport rating affected by lack of support of GA

It appears that my airport rating will never hit 5* levels. I’ve discussed this on the 1.0 release forum and someone suggested to turn off GA. I did but my rating is still not adjusting to ignore GA. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!!


You can’t get to 5* without GA at the moment - it’s an annoying feature of the rating system atm. Without GA, the overall score seems to include an overall score GA of 50% (rather than just ignoring it), which makes it impossible to get to 5* without GA

You only need a few GA stands though, and if you completely separate the GA infrastructure from the rest of your airport then you’ll get a high GA quite easily.

I agree, and I get what you mean, but the design of my airport sadly uses all available land down the the spaces between the buildings, but thanks for the info tho!

As per the developed rules of the game and its rating system, to achieve a full score an airport in Airport CEO must supply all services. Otherwise we open up for a bunch of different arguments for various things that should be removed according to different people’s preferences, so this is why everything is required.

I see, thanks for the reply olof!

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