Airport CEO wiki live?

I just found the Airport CEO wiki(Official Airport CEO Wiki) linked from the main hub so i guess that its live(?).

yea its been hear for a while

Oh, i guess i just havent seen it

Guys any plan to fill the wiki up? Pretty empty there.

@Olof @Fredrik

Should we start filling it up? There are many repeated questions being asked here on forum. Can be solved if we started work on the wiki.

I encourage you to do so :slight_smile:

I don’t really have the time since i can’t reach Gamepedia at work :confused:

But I just discovered there are two wikis set up.

@Olof @Fredrik Pls clarify which one to use. The Gamepedia one would be better. But you need to claim it first.

EDIT: gamepedia is about to go read only from tomorrow for few days due to host changes

Gamepedia is the official one :slight_smile:

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