Airport CEO Alpha 35 released (The Terminal Update)

Passengers are stuck rigth after secuirty checkpints and before passport control. can’t find there way. ACEO-27138

Also I get no domestic flights, although my country has 2 other airports they fly from and to.

@Olof, I cleared out all by flight backlog. Flight Monitor shows all departures are to be on-time. Pax still do not checkin. They stop at the Subway and leave.

Meanwhile, back to an old bug (in that same savegame), the planes in gates A01 and A02 (small stands) never leave. The stand status for each is OPEN. I actually have to remove the flights from GameData.json manually.

Just as it looks in my screenshot above. :wink: The street is only visible on ground floor. The jetway however is visible inside the terminal building on any floor, even further above, that’s the graphical glitch.

Maybe try to build more subway stations just to try, maybe the actual subway station is broken someway… and remember about sidewalk

So a little bit of addition to that problem with contractors stalling/not working, is it possible that their pathfinding and/or function got converted to pax? I just saw the constant notifications error for my contractors, and many of them got categorized into pax notifications.

Stands aren’t connecting with the boarding desk…

Restarting the game didn’t helped, rebuilt security exit and security control…

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Click on the boarding desk and hit “reconnect stand”.

Did already. Also replaced boarding desks and stands. Nothing helps…

Another player has the same problem as @zulu354 ; see Same problem here. I looked at his savegame, and everything checks out. Properly zoned from Security Checkpoint to the Stand. I disconnected and reconnected stands. I replaced stands and desks. Nothing helped. A definite bug.


Same problem here. Everything is correctly connected, but nothing

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same with me

Thanks for connecting. Hope they can fix that issue soon…

Jesus, this was a tough one.
Turn off auto planner !


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That helped, thanks.

I am having the same issue. I started a new game because it was not working.

Now to the next. My Passenger Service Agents are stuck to the boarding desk, even after boarding is completed and not heading to the next boarding desk, which results in the other flights got delayed. If I send those flights away, the it seems to work normal, till the boarding is finished and they got stucked again…

Rolling out a hotfix now for the boarding desk connection issue. Same version number and should be uploaded in 10 minutes or so! :slight_smile:

Note: You need to redo connections you’ve already made (via the boarding desk as per usual) one more time to get everything working.


We are all praising the devs right now. Thank you and all hail Devs. :slight_smile:

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As I type this, it is 3:30am in Malmö. Sweden, where Olof is located. Man, Olof, YOU ARE DEDICATED. Thank You!!