Airline specific stand vs number of flights available

This is a cool feature but I think its pretty flawed as it is right now. So I have 2 medium stands set for a specific airline and flights are being schedule continuously. But I tried the same thing with a large stand for a different airline. And for a few days now no flights have been schedule for that stand, as the game simply doesn’t generate enough of the require flights needed. (auto planner is on and the airline has large planes available)

So am I missing something? It seems airlines don’t generate enough flights and they have a max of 50, that this seems counter-productive as stands will sit idle.

Maybe a gameplay orientated solution where you could sign a special contract with a airline to have a large number of their flights? Like in real life airports.

Yeah. It’d be great to have an “auto-decline”-option for specific flights.
So for some airlines I only want to schedule large planes → auto “disable” and dismiss smaller and medium flights, to get higher chances for more large flights?

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