Airline specific areas

New zoneable room type representing space dedicated to a chosen airline company.

Depending on the scale of the company operations at your airport the airline will request different services to be provided in the dedicated room(s). A wide variety of services could be offered:

  • Information desk - Information provided for the customers of the airline.
  • Sales office - The sales office/sales desk should enable the customers to cancel their flight or change the flight conditions, but it should also be responsible for variety of services listed below.
    • Reimbursement of the passenger for any inconvenience caused. Notably when:
      • The flight is delayed more than 3 hours. (Monetary reimbursement and possibly free meal ticket(s) valid in the airport restaurants)
      • The flight has been cancelled or the passenger has been denied boarding. (Monetary reimbursement, new flight offer (see reschedule below) and possibly free meal ticket/room in a hotel at the airport)
    • Rescheduling flights - The passenger should be given a replacement flight (possibly from a different airline to the same/close destination) if he cannot take his original flight for some reason, such as:
      • The passenger is transferring from a delayed flight (of the same airline).
      • The original flight was cancelled (due to bad weather, technical fault or strike of airline/airport employees).
  • Passenger lounges - The airline may want offer dedicated sitting space to it’s customers. Lounges may only be available for priority/business passengers, or separate lounges may be requested with varying levels of comfort/equipment.
  • Airline staff rooms - Space in the airport reserved for staff of the airline company.

Apart from services that require dedicated rooms/space at the airport, the airlines could have other requests, such as dedicated gate(s) or check-in desks.

Airlines would request dedicated services at the airport as a means of “upgrading” the contract.
When the airline contract is first signed, the airline will request no dedicated service at the airport. If the airline is satisfied with the performance of the airport, however, they may want to expand their operations at the airport. This should include request for some dedicated service (starting with simple, possibly shared, information desk) and will unlock access to more/better flights of the airline to the player as well as providing rent revenues. Then, once the airline company satisfaction reaches the maximum again (or the next level), further expansion will become possible and so forth…

Some of the rooms could be shared among several airlines, if the airline contract allows it.

Any suggestions for more room types/services or other ways to improve the feature are of course very welcome.

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