Airline ratings vs game experience


I have a kind request to the Devs. You did a really great job delivering the major milestones we’ve been chasing you - remote stands, multiple floors, landside enhancements, big birds.

If the progression is not written in stone yet, I’d like to add my 5 eurocents to the airline ratings. Currently when you pass to **, all of the flights suddenly become **. Seriously, even Cessna 208 - a single flight with 4 pax is worth 5k income.

I would encourage you to treat rating as max, the ceiling. Meaning, if your terminal has jetways, you can serve *** flights, but you will still have * and ** airlines and flights in the pipe, so you can distribute which flights go to contact stand, which go remote. Breaching these rules would enforce dissatisfaction or penalties.

I would also HOPE to be able to sign auxiliary services PER AIRLINE. So only airline ABC would get the baggage system, only airline DEF cabin cleaning etc. That would allow easier progression as currently baggage system (and the rest) needs to be deployed to all boarding desks, stands, planes and airlines at the same time.

With these features in place I (plus, cargo perhaps) I would treat the game as a complete and superb product!


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Alpha 34, which is currently in development, will aim to bring meaning and use to the current obejcts by affecting passengers as well as planes and ratings. Your idea of assigning services is quite nice as well.


I think passenger rating can be dividend into different catalog like Skytrax

And different passenger have differne demand of each catatlogy, like business travller perfer less queuing times and more punctual flight schedule, while family travlers like more staff and more food option.
When the airport operation fits their needs, they tend to stay longer in the airport and spend more inside.

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