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Hello, I’am Andreas_Cre2.

Recently I’ve Been Playing Alot Of SimAirport, Transport Fever And ROBLOX. While Playing Those Games I Saw Many People Creating Different Mods, Fictional Airlines On Those Games. While I Took Some Ideas I Would Like To Suggest A New Airline You Could Add. I Will Drop All Info Of The Airline On The Info Section Of This Idea, Thanks.


Info -
NAME - Alpha Airways
Airline Info - Alpha Airways Is A Luxurious Airline That Operates Worldiwide And Provides Passenger With Comfort, Safety And Kind Service.

Aircraft -
Boeing 737
Boeing 747- 8i
Boeing 757
Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Airbus A319
Airbus A320
Airbus A320neo
Airbus A321
Airbus A340
Airbus A380

Livery -
Colours: Engines Are Beige Colour With The Inlets Grey.
The Vertical And Horizonal Stabilizers Beige Aswel. (The Elevators And The Yaw Beige Too)
The Winglets Will Be Beige Too With The Word “Going Up!” On The Inside Of The Winglets.
The Body Of The Plane Will Be Baige, With The Front Small Part Of The Nose A Lighter Beige Or Khaki.

Lounge - :heavy_check_mark:
Lounge Allowance -
Economy - :heavy_multiplication_x:
Business - :heavy_check_mark:
First Class - :white_check_mark:

Last Reasons I Want To See My Fictional Airline On Airport CEO.
My First Reason To Want To See My Airline On Airport CEO Would Be Because I Never Managed To Suggest Ideas For Any New Game Under Development, I Gave Alot Of Time Working On Writing, Taking The Pics And Learning The Plane Parts. Lastly, Because I’m A Fan Of Games Related To Airports,Planes Are My Favourites.

Thanks For Taking Time To Read This And Possibly Anwsering, I Would Like To Know Opinions From Possible Staff Reading This Or Even People. I Don’t Demand To See This Airline, This Is Only An Idea.


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So far no ability to add custom airlines. You can mod in businesses, but airlines as of now is not possible but is rumored to be allowed in the future. There is a community mod project that aims to add all real businesses and airlines, check that thead out.

Thats Why I Posted This!

But I didnt post this as a Modded Airline, I posted this as an Airline that will be one of the Non-Modded ones Like Maple.

They requires the devs to add, users can at some point mod in anything. They had an airline contest a long time back and 4 airlines made it in. Perhaps they do another one after release so the stock game has more airlines. I would definitely support that idea.


Me too

Sorry, but most of those aircraft aren’t in the game anyways.

I somehow keep misreading AA as Anti-Air. I’ve played too much shooter, haven’t I.


That Arline idea sounds cool!!

This is off topic, but the way you capitalized every single word made it harder for me to read everything.


My only question-why do you capatalize everything? It makes it much harder to read

Im used to writing like that, I tried writing without my teqh

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