Airline Hubs and overnight stays

I think it would be brilliant to be able to get airlines to make your airport there hub. Making it so they stay overnight with no schedule flights. Personally i feel this needs to come after remote stands though to get aircraft away from the main terminals.

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I agree once a system is in place for ‘parking’ planes overnight then land-park-take off, if this was done in co-ordination with the hotel the passengers could head to the hotel overnight and be charged for the service.

This could also be limited to airlines you have a contract with or the signing of a hub contract


Ye i agree but it just shows how much potential this game has if all these ideas are made to work together right. It has a bright future.

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I agree this will make the game more realistic.

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i agree with this especially if you have flight restrictions on your airport then you van continue to make money though the night

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To make it more realistic it could be done like, we may choose Airlines from the country where your Airport is build, example: My airport is in Portugal, i would only be possible to get TAP.

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The issue here is that “Country” isn’t really a think in ACEO at this time :slight_smile:

It has a notion of a region, but that’s about it.

I am not convinced, it is not very realistic, an airline is certain that during the night the planes are parked at the airport a little longer and take advantage of some extra maintenance, but always in fair weather, if a plane does not take advantage of the 24h day is difficult to be profitable, as with the airport, you would lose a lot of money overnight if there were only planes parked, empty and without any service.

Planes stay overnight at airports all the time!


looks like you need to do a little research before you hit submit then.


yep my large planes been staying 5-6 hrs at night as i have them separate to leave as i have over 12 large stands and im still expanding so most of my planes stay 5-6 hrs then depart

I think that the best way to do the HUB is assign the plane to Airport form the Airline. F.ex. we can decide wich airline will have HUB on our Airport. Then they Send X nubmber of planes and we can assign them to stands. Airplanes will do 4/5 flight for day (to location and back to our airport) and stay for rest of day in stand

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