Airline Contract Relationship Management

Hi Guys, dont know if anyone came up with that, i scanned the Forum for that, but didnt find anything similar.

But how about that idea:

The Contract System might be good at beginning, however if the relationship between Airport and Airlinge gets better, the Airline might want to make more Revenue on our nice Airport.

e.g. The Airline Contract starts with your Airport as “Destination”, that means, it requires the gate, the check in desk and an office cubicle near the check in desks (therefore e.g. the infodesks can be attuned) and it will be populated with Airline workers similar to the contractors who are working now for resturants and shops

if these contracts are successful, and relationship between airport and airline raises, they might want a contract to add your airport as a hub, that means, that a minimum of flights have to be fulfilled, and also beside the requirements for the destination also offices e.g. at least 3 office rooms with 5 office desks are necessary + parking spaces for aircrafts are required.

Different Airlines might need different requirements, e.g. low class have less requirements, while national airlines might require first class passenger treatements like “fast lane” or a lounge.

This will help to “populate” the usually empty space within the departure area before the security check.
Also it gives the possibility to simulate airline alliances with sharing lounges and offices etc…

let me know what you think about this idea.


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